12 June 2009

Visibly deflating

No the title of this teensy post is not a reference to any success with the fat cow tablets. I am being a good girl. The tablets don't seem to be doing much at all. Darling other half is up to his usual 'helpful' tricks of rushing out to buy low fat ice cream so I can 'still' have some, when I wasn't actually partaking in the first place.

He did that straight after my hospital stay. We hadn't had crisps or biscuits in this house for a year or more, but he stocked it to the rafters with 'low fat'* versions of both in all shapes, colours and price brackets.
(*Extremely high fat but for legal and marketing reasons, just measurably less than the regular junk.)

I don't blame him entirely - once it was here, spilling out of the cupboards every time anyone looked, and once there was nothing else to eat, I caved.

This time around he is working away from home and I have control - although he has a week off next week. Officially that is a WONDERFUL THING. I just have to forgo my TV, my routines, my sofa, my mealtimes and anything else I've accidentally settled into in his absence; turn a blind eye to him clutching the TV remote and deciding our every waking moment, and just concentrate on keeping his sticky mitts off the menu and the shopping trolley and his mind out of the fridge.

Its going to be tough. I hear the thrumming, throbbing intro to the Mission Impossible theme, as I write. Where are Cybill and Maryanne when you need them? Still, I'd make a bloody funny looking Ninja, all in black and dragging climbing gear round the aisles of the supermarket.


The reason for sagging shoulders is my membership of a questions and answers site - answerbag.com (no it does not warrant a link).

As an example, first couple of questions to catch my eye are:

1. What are fun jobs that works with the computer? and

2. Do you think the word "swine flu" has been overused?

I just wanted to share the physical pain. (Sorry, Badaunt.)

1 comment:

fineartist said...

I still have this wonderful insane visual image of a giant wobbling gyrating tit...like an escaped maniac. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Family does have a way of crawling all over a routine, mine, they like to call MY routines anal compulsive...

And the saboteurs, they tell me, "Maybe you just need to exert a little more self control Lori." Pfft, don't we ALL?

Man again, I've missed you, luv a luv a Missy!