08 June 2009

Thank you thank you

This is like free-fall free-range free speechless spouting, if you catch my drift, but that's just how my brain goes sometimes so if it isn't doing it for you, its fine because its doing it for me (I think, hope, pray).

I thought the phrase was free association, but that's when prisoners are allowed round the pool tables all at the same time, isn't it?

OK so maybe I just endorsed that contention by mistake.

Something makes me want to type like Vicky Pollard (yeahbut nobut, can Pollard type?), at least type as she speaks. I have so much to blurt. Its not often I go silent on the blogs for fear of being thought nauseatingly chipper, however in recent months it does seem that I must have been Seeking the Kingdom of God in something approaching the right way, because, boy, all these things are being added unto me.

Its like Christmas. Its like things are going right at an alarming rate of knots. Oh life isn't perfect; there are no lessons left in perfection and I still want to learn (and does anyone else smell a paradox coming?), but old, long forgotten little 'no chance' wishes are popping up all granted and my little corner of the world is "wow, brilliant, thank you, I'd forgotten how much I'd wanted that, thank you thank you".

I just told a friend (a real friend, one of those people you can trust for an opinion, you know?) *cough*, I just told that friend that I've spent the last week or so being totally Pollyanna, blowing enough sunshine outta my ass to feel like a hovercraft. My feet aren't quite touching the ground. I guess this is what it feels like, to use the very British vernacular, to be 'fart-arsing about'.

Its all true.

This is the point where any tentative, speculative thoughts of running up a little post on here have faltered - who wants to hear how GREAT someone else's life is going?


Greg said...

it's always good to hear how great a friend's life is going.

Yay, you!

Astryngia said...

ME! I do!! :-)