25 August 2008

I think I might be back

This is a test post to make sure my old blog is not still feeding posts directly into facebook.

I got cold feet.
That or I was blessed with a brief insight into the personality facet I mispresented as my whole self, here on the blog.
Don't ask whether I felt I was fudging, or focusing with uncomfortable clarity.
It could be either or neither, and I claim a lady's prerogative to feign cluelessness; or admit it.
Not telling that, either.



Steg said...

You claim whatever prerogative you like.

It'd be fabulous to see you posting again.

bart said...

glad you've dropped in cheryl, i've missed you during my mixed-up last half year... hoping you stick around ;-)

keep well...

fineartist said...

Oh heck we're just glad as hell that you're back.

Cheryl's back!


Your personality shines through no matter what, and I think, and I'd venture to say that everyone else thinks it too, that you are the greatest! xx

beckyboop said...


I thought I would click on your link for the hell of it....and what do you know, you're back!


Megane~kun said...

First time here... Even though I haven't read any of your entries yet, I sure am looking forward to!

Kimberly A. Suta said...

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beckyboop said...

You are teasing me!