02 December 2004


A couple of friends recommended the following sites today, which cheered me up immensely:

1. www.lhj.com. You can sign up for free, upload a photo of yourself and try some different hair styles and colours. Most of them look ridiculous, of course.

2. http://www.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~morph/Transformer/

No sign-up necessary and you get to see how you look as an old person, a baby, a monkey, the opposite sex

Both brilliant fun, but as I have just learned, not to be discussed or played with in the company of an '8 Year Old Daughter':

8YOD (pausing to watch an advert): Ooh mummy do you want your hair to go straight? Theres this thing on telly

Me: No thanks love, see all the dry frizzy bits would stick out even more

8YOD: Oh no, I think you'd look pretty, and if you put on that wrinkle removing cream you'd look even prettier

Me: You are 8, arent you???

8YOD: Yes and Lewis is 10, what, you dont know the ages of your own children?

Me: No, look, I'm wrinkly, I forget things

8YOD: Oh yes and your brain gets smaller doesnt it.............when it gets the wrinkles..........

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