21 June 2013

Website Wonders

I am so blessed.

Good people think well of me! There's nothing more delightful than to find the appreciation you have for someone is reciprocated. I think that pure unburdened gratitude is one of the loveliest sensations there is, and I'm rolling in it.

I'm hanging around online with Fiona Truman, presenter of The Back Hope Summit and now creator of Bubble Tapping.

We're doing session swaps - can you believe it? I'm hanging out with 'the' Fiona Truman.
I am.
With Fiona.

I'm ALSO swapping sessions with Tahira Aziz, who I met whilst we were both helping Silvia Hartmann and Alex Kent at Earl's Court.

Tahira is amazing. She too has her own therapy which I am very pleased to say I am getting lots of - in exchange for EFT protocols. Its a whole sort of intuitive-pranic-core belief thingy and I don't want to get in to 'why' it works, it just does.

Karl Dawson is letting me help at his next Brighton training, again, picking up the overwhelms as they rush out of the door. I'll be back at The Thistle this August!  I guess that means that I am kind of sort of okay, both as a human being and as a Matrix practitioner. I am more than a little delighted.

The point of this post begins with Tahira doing quite literally 30 seconds work on my financial blocks yesterday. We started out meaning to do an hour's session on that but after the first core belief was stated, it all went off at a tangent into an hour on 'being myself', instead.

Still, before our session I'd already been noticing that if you mention 'past lives', a great many people's eyes light up. It is, I find, an officially fascinating subject, and for most of these people the interest is personal because they have an inkling, a fancy or a secret certainty that they have at least one past life under their belts.

Its the certain ones I'm after, the people who have had 'flashbacks' which explain how a trauma or attitude or type of luck pervades their current life without any imaginable reason in this incarnation.

Matrix Reimprinting is a dab hand at resolving memories or ECHOs (Energy Consciousness Holograms) no matter what their origin, and people with a past life memory are

  • already aware of their memory, having played it over and over in their head
  • fed up with the effect it has in this life, and ready to do something about it
Dream clients, actually - lovely people who want my service and have already done half the prep work. How can it get any better than this?

So, after the session with Tahira, I asked friends for some free website recommendations, got onto weebly late yesterday afternoon, and found myself glued to the computer until 3.30am at which point I had a complete, fully built, six page website with a FAQ page built from scratch and a services page offering six different packages, with prices and Paypal buttons.

Looking at it this morning I realise that 48 hours ago I'd been trying to talk myself into increasing my prices and in an ongoing battle with myself to feel comfortable promoting a six session package, yet now I have a website with increased prices which I currently feel are much more realistic and six, twelve and fifty-two session packages on offer. What's more when I was building that page all I felt was fun and enthusiasm. I didn't even stop to marvel at myself.

Like I said, I don't know what Tahira Aziz does, but she is gooooooood.

(Just got to work that same magic on my 'real' website now - the one that caused me two years of learning curves and headaches and that I'm still far from happy with.  Somehow it strips me of oomph and I find I can't even face copying my FAQ page over from the new site. Or maybe that's because of a little thing called 'only four hours sleep last night'. Hmm.)

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