14 July 2009

All aglow, now

I signed in to waffle on about rice cakes (the diet continues) and also, perhaps mainly, to shove the previous post down the page a bit.

See, I am playing with fire (no, I'm not aglow because I got burned..., touch wood (although touching something less flammable might be an idea)). *Cough* I am playing with fire because my nieces are trying to reach out to someone. Not to claim them, make demands on them or otherwise ensnare them, but the girls are pretty eager to know that this person knows that they are OK, and is also aware that they feel warmly towards said stranger. I think they'd like a conscious exchange of pride in each other, whether as the beginning of something or as closure I have no idea, and that much at least is none of my business.

I am therefore trying to make my history and my connections a little more public - but not so public that a person might feel trapped or hounded, nor to blow out of the water any back story they might have established elsewhere.

I was just volunteering to be an impartial bridge or first contact, although (given that you can permanently block a contact on there if it all goes tits up) Facebook is probably a much better no-man's-land for truce talks or whatever. Then again our lost friend would have to add me in order to see the current names of the people that really want the contact; so we are back to square one.

And that is why this post becomes two parts, so that this new reference to the same dilemma similarly begins to creep south, on the page.

Excuse me, won't be a moment....

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