19 October 2007



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"Her need to feel more causative and to have a wide..."

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ZBTzahBTzoo said...

We have a few things in common :-)

I may retake this this afternoon -- I'm currently rather peeved at my family, as it's cleaning day, and their failure to put their own shit away is SLOWING ME DOWN!!! (Therefore the bloggy break.)


Steg said...

Mine was spookily accurate. Ooh dear.

Le laquet said...

So, steg said spookily accurate - ditto, or is it that with summer slipping away we're all feeling a little down, over-tired and put upon? Mine was spot on!

fineartist said...

Mine too, mine freaked me the hell out, but also gave voice to what I have been feeling for a while now.

It also led me to a teary confession and heart to heart with the man, for once I didn't have the literal desire to rip his face off for him, we actually talked to each other like humans and we were kind.

I feel inadequate, for good reason, I have to face that I can't do everything that needs done, for one reason, I am not good at everything and it's time I faced this fact, maybe. I, oh dread, need other people too, and that fact/realization is very very humbling to me.

I'm tired, drained, and my reserves are gone, still I stand my ground and pray no one realizes that I've nothing left to offer/give.

And as usual this is all about me.

I read yours too, and, well hugs, and let's all work on resolving that which makes us feel inadequate. There I go, ocd kicked in anxiously trying to scramble around and find a solution.

Thank you for the poem, it was beautifully spoken.

JJ said...

Talking of birthdays Cheryl...

Mrs. G said...

oy vey. they nailed it.

now how can that BE?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Very interesting - I'm not sure I'd agree it's totally accurate, but it doesn't do too badly! :-) And so you want to change the world, eh?

Library Lady said...

I found mine pretty inaccurate--perhaps it has more to do with my taste in colors than my mood!

The only thing it did get right was my feeling tired and wishing for a lack of problems. But anyone whose ever read my blog could've pegged that!