27 November 2004

Dear Diary I have miserably failed at my first ever effort at NaNoWriMo and having started as a cathartic exorcism of life-suck-itis , it had in any case become its own creature which demanded a story line to wrap around the observations and was therefore falling apart well before the pre-cold grumps (PCS?) and the final welcome realisation that my growing xenophobia and murderous tendencies were safely rooted in something real that involved having a temperature.

To cut a long story short, I failed to cut a short story long, having quit with the sniffles. Things have dried up a good deal in two days and I now only have the residual cough - not quite one to rival Alf Garnett's bronchial thundering (remember him) but enough to make my dear other half cast me occasional disapproving sideways glances, particularly when I roll a ciggie. DH (Darling Husband) doesn’t smoke, never has and never will and all good luck to him, however, as he met and wooed me after the filthy weed already had its claws in my psyche, twelve years is a long time for him to tick and tut as if its something he feels I choose to do against his better judgement.

So, do I finish the ‘book’? A couple of dear friends have read the story so far and seem quite enthusiastically involved, but then I could easily suspect said friends of emphasising their encouragement to the expense of the hammering and vicious literary critique that I had really hoped for, albeit that I would prefer such dissection to come from people whose opinions would not crush me into the dirt.

Based on the original concept of NaNoWriMo (never mind the quality, count the length) it would be reasonable to assume that my own effort is so much dire hogwash and worthy only of attaining a place on the winners list, something that I have already failed to do.
I also have some real office work coming my way at last, having lost my last home working contract a couple of months ago when one of the company Directors went personally bankrupt and then did a runner with the money.

In between I have looked at becoming an MLM rep (desperate times) and sort of agreed to join a couple. Top site for survival in this state was (is) run by Caroline Tresman and has an excellent home workers forum where one may ask advice, give advice, spurn advice and generally get hot under the collar in support of or disdain at other people’s opinions, if that’s what really rocks your boat.

All next week I am doing some background admin for a new IT Online learning site; a breath of fresh air because all the courses are bang up to date and, by UK standards, very, very cheap. After that I have a longer, project based contract coming up.

Well there you go, my first post with links. Which means I’ll probably read it tomorrow and decide to scrap the whole thing as appearing contrived. Hey ho.

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HW4ALL said...

Cool! You've come out of the closet... Enjoy :)

Sorry to hear about the cold and hope you are already feeling better.